Our Farms

We all instinctively know that the food we eat is "organic" - vegetables, fruits and grains grow from the land and are harvested, meat and dairy comes from animals that walk the earth and feed off of the land. We know that farms are the source of our sustenance. But the word "farm" can mean so many things today. There are factory farms and food processing operations, family farms, organic farms, sustainable farms - all kinds of emerging adjectives and different approaches.

We visit our farms and to talk about the food our farmers grow and raise. The conversations we have are focused on the food that is best today, inline with the seasons and the weather. We talk about the pride they take in their work and techniques, their sustainable approach to caring for the land, and what they produce best.

This is where we get the food that sustains us.

These are some of many farms, food artisans, and foragers that supply the food you'll find on your plate.

Southeast Minnesota Food Network
Cedar Summit Dairy
Autumnwood Dairy
DragSmith Farms
Tangletown Gardens Farm
Pork and Plants
Hidden Stream Farm
Co-op Partners
Riverbend Farm
Sweet Land Orchard
Star Thrower Farm
Thousand Hills Cattle Co.
Castle Rock Creamery
Hope Creamery
Valley View Farms Family co-op
Green Pastures Creamery
Fred and Kathy Yerich
Au Bon Conard
Star Prairie Trout
Callister Farm
Larry Shultz Organic Farm
Youth Farm & Market Project
Ames Farm
Garden Farme

Corner Table : Minneapolis Restaurant

About Us

Corner Table is a restaurant that listens to the fields, farms, pastures, and seasons that surround us. That source of inspiration guides our creativity and our entire menu, which is crafted from foods sourced locally and in season from responsible family farms. This approach is completely sustainable, and it's grounded in our respect for our history, nature's perfection, and our place in the world.

As a chef here and now, I am inspired by these elements more than anything else, for two reasons especially. First, I believe we have a responsibility to respect the craft that has come before us and the land that sustains us. And second, I am driven by the opportunity to deliver a sense of place on every plate. We can look all over the globe for inspiration and ideas, but if that's all we ever did, I fear we would lose that valuable sense of place. By sourcing and cooking locally and seasonally, we can evoke our surroundings, our local farms and all they provide, with a single, perfect meal.

Scott Pampuch : Corner Table Executive Chef + Owner

Scott Pampuch


While cooking at the Modern Café Scott realized his true passion for cooking was right in his own backyard. In 2001, the Southeast Minnesota Food Network offered him the opportunity to buy food from his hometown and surrounding areas. Their emphasis on sustainability and responsibility towards the land continues to be something in which Scott proudly participates.

In 2004 Scott opened the doors of Corner Table, his own restaurant. The James Beard quote above the kitchen window reads "I don't like gourmet cooking or 'this' cooking or 'that' cooking. I like good cooking," and he holds to that philosophy. He only makes food that he and his family would love to eat and reflects the local agriculture as much as possible. His wine list is even made of up wineries that are all family owned and operated.

His favorite thing is "the smell of a really good city restaurant in fall," and he's lucky enough to strive for that smell every day.

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