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Corner Table customers have always asked where to find great local food. We finally have an answer to that question: right here! We're now sharing what we do all day in the kitchen with you.

The Farm & Table CSK (community supported kitchen) is a weekly or biweekly box of locally grown and raised food that will be prepped and ready to cook. The box is different each week and includes variations of meats, side dishes, soup starters, and basic pantry items. One week box could have a whole marinated chicken ready to be roasted for a dinner centerpiece, any leftovers can be used with bread from Sunstreet Breads, our house cured hickory smoked bacon and our pickled onions. The box will also include a dozen eggs, which will make a difference in your baking and make a great breakfast. Also included will be six sausages that will vary in flavor from garlic and fennel to smoked lamb. These sausages will be a great addition to any pasta or just alone with some pickled mustard seeds from, you guessed it, the box.

Two sizes are available: small (feeds about 2 people) and large (feeds about 4 people). Your box will vary with the seasons and what you create with the box is up to you. Make your family's favorites or join an Open Kitchen class to help refine your home-cooking skills and techniques.

What's in the box?

April 8th : Large Box

1 whole marinated chicken
1lb hickory smoked bacon
1 lb of Grassfed ground beef
4 sausages - garlic
1 dozen eggs
3oz - pickled green beans + onion
3oz - Apple + parsnip moustarda
4oz - Fennel + garlic pork terrine
1 loaf of Sun Street Bakery bread

April 8th : small box

1/2 whole marinated chicken
1/2 lb. hickory-smoked bacon
1/2 lb. grassfed ground beef
2 garlic sausages
6 eggs
3oz. pickled green beans + onions
3oz. apple + parsnip moustarda
4oz. fennel + garlic pork terrine
1 loaf of Sun Street Bakery bread


What is a CSK?

Our CSK (community-supported kitchen) uses a model similar to a CSA (community-supported agriculture). By buying the box or a membership you are supporting a community of local + sustainable farmers and artisanal food producers.

Is the Farm & Table CSK different than Corner Table?

The kitchen at Corner Table supports the Corner Table dining experience, the community-supported kitchen, the cooking school, and Tour de Farm. It's a busy kitchen constantly focusing on finding ways to provide local food and local food education to the Twin Cities. (You can even eat dinner at the kitchen table on the weekends!)

Who is the CSK for?

The CSK is for everyone: singles, families, couples, all of you who are interested in cooking and eating local and seasonal foods.

When and how can I sign up?

Sign up anytime online. (Just look over there to the left.) There is a one week lead time for orders. Orders placed before Friday can pick-up starting the following week. You choose the pick-up day when you place an order.

Is there a limit to the number of boxes I can order?

Nope, you can buy as many as you want.

How many people will a box feed?

There are two sizes: small and large. Because each home is different, and how much it will feed depends on your lifestyle and eating routine, we say the small box feeds about 2 people for a week and the large box feeds about 4 people for a week. The box is not intended to fulfill your entire weekly meal plan, but rather inspire it with local and nutritional products.

What Does a Box Include?

The products in the box differ from week to week depending on the seasons and the farms product availability. You can expect to see things like: meats (chicken, grassfed beef, sausages, rilletes), vegetables (fresh or prepped for cooking), stocks, pickled items, artisanal cheeses, and bread from our new neighbor Sun Street Breads.

Is there a Vegetarian Box?

Not right now... but we're working on it.

I already subscribe to a CSA, do I need the CSK too?

The CSK doesn't replace a CSA; they work together. With a CSA you are supporting a farm directly. Most likely, your box includes lots of fresh produce. With the CSK you will receive a variety of meal options created for you from local farms prepped and ready to cook. CSA + CSK = local love!

Where and when is Pick-Up?

Pick-up is right here at the restaurant. When ordering you can choose your pick-up time: Friday (5pm-11pm), Saturday (5pm-11pm) and Sunday (8am-2pm).

Can I change my pick-up day?

We would prefer you stick with the original pick-up day, but if you need to switch, email us with the information.

Do you offer delivery?

Not at this time, but we are looking into partnering with a bike messenger service.

Can I order items a la carte?

When you come to pick-up your box, or come to dine at Corner Table, you can purchase any available favorites from the deli case.

More questions?

Email or call (612) 823-0011 and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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