Wine & Beer

We handpick our beer and wines that are created by producers who have a passion and respect for their craft. Our list is ever changing, but we support our local breweries and work hard to find wines that are organic, sustainable or biodynamic, often produced by family-owned vineyards.

Above all, you'll discover a beverage list in keeping with our philosophy of eating, drinking and living well.


Ever changing to blend with our seasonal menus, our wine list explores popular and obscure grapes from vineyards across the world.

Our sense of place on the plate and another family's sense of place in the glass complement building a local economy and sustaining a globally-minded world:

  • Bubbles: prosecco from Italy and brut roses from Spain

    Whites: France (Chablis), Spain (Sauvignon Blanc, Verdejo, Viura), Oregon (Riesling), Argentina (Torrontes), and Italy (Frascati, Grillo).

  • Reds: Cotes du Rhone blends to a French Tannat to Argentinean Malbecs, even a California Zinfandel.


From local artisans, American staples and classic world styles (like our Belgium selections) we have a beer list that'll make you giddy as a boy getting a Tonka truck for Christmas.

Our local beers come from Fulton, Furthermore, Rush River, Lift Bridge and the midwestern classic where beer drinking started for so many of us: PBR.

Our classic world beers are deeply rooted in tradition and sustainability, Pauwel Kwak (Belgium), Triple Karmelite (Belgium), Urthel Hop-it (Belgium) & La Trappe (Trappist).


We listen to the fields, farms, pastures, and seasons that surround us. That source of inspiration guides our creativity and our entire menu, which is crafted from foods sourced locally and in season from responsible family farms. This approach is completely sustainable, and it's grounded in our respect for our history, nature's perfection, and our place in the world.

Our menu changes monthly to incorporate local ingredients as they come into season. To truly taste the season you're living in (even in the dead of winter) we highly recommend our 100 mile tasting menus, where everything on the plate is sourced from within 100 miles.

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Sample Summer Menu

Our menu changes monthly to incorporate local ingredients as they come into season. Summer brings fresh local sweet corn, berries, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, summer squash, greens, melons, apples and much more to our kitchen... and your plate.


mizuna greens, Stickney Hill goat cheese, cumin crusted beets + rosemary honey vinaigrette

sweet corn soup, arugula puree, + thyme crouton

poached baby carrots, arugula, crispy shallots dill + lemon vinaigrette

tomato crostini, fresh sheep's milk ricotta apple cider vinaigrette

smoked trout, tarragon aioli, rice flour cracker pickled mustard seed oil + vinegar

nosh plate, house mustard, meat, cheese, pickled mushrooms, house made cracker

soup du jour, hot or cold


ravioli of potato + mushroom, baby carrots, house cured lardo + arugula broth

lamb sausage, ragout of sweet corn, zucchini, red lentils + fresh parsley + lemon zest

pork loin, summer beans sautéed with maple syrup, potato puree, chanterelle mushrooms + onions

pan roasted trout, pea shoot, cilantro rice + baby carrots

black bean + goat cheese "jucy lucy" cilantro catsup sweet corn puree + sheep's milk queso fresco


apple cake, cream cheese frosting, pecans + apple gastrique

Furthermore stout chocolate cake, espresso and balsamic sauce, malted vanilla ice cream

rice pudding, caramelized apples, Pastureland shortbread cookie

maple thyme Pots du Créme, Castle Rock Creamery milk, nutmeg + macerated cherrie

rogue chocolate truffles

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