The sandwich:

bread, meat, cheese, sauce, lettuce + whatever you want. We all remember the classics... the really good ones.

Rustica Bakery makes bread everyday - by hand. They get it right. The same amount of thought goes into the sandwiches that we make. We think about the texture, flavor and crumb of the bread while building the sandwiches and coming up with the new classics.

When we first started making sandwiches together, we agreed not to make or sell a bad sandwich. Simple right? Well, not really, we want to make enough available but not too many because no one wants yesterday's sandwich. So, we make a certain amount each day, and when they're gone, they're gone. This makes a great sandwich; we pay attention to all the details.

Our sandwiches are available daily at Rustica from 10:30 until they're gone.

(You might want to get there early.)

Shaved pork, pickled rhubarb, spinach on Rustica Miche bread.

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